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02 / 03 / 2017
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Group also urges President to revoke existing immigration executive orders

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL) today expressed concern over reports that President Trump is considering issuing new executive orders (EOs) targeting legal immigrants for deportation and further restricting the requirements on legal immigration. The additional EOs would come after the recent controversial orders that target immigrants and refugees. NHCSL urges President Trump to immediately revoke the EOs already in effect. In addition, the bipartisan group of over 400 Latino state legislators from the 50 states and territories urged the Administration to take into consideration the views of state and local governments prior to issuing any additional executive actions in order to avoid further harm to communities throughout the nation.

“These executive orders run counter to the basic American values we hold dear and could inflict permanent damage on families and communities nationwide. As a practical matter, these orders stand to put our national security at risk and should therefore be immediately rescinded. Furthermore, we urge the Administration to proceed with caution and resolve the confusing and chaotic implementation of its current orders before doubling down on new directives that can inflict further harm on some of the most vulnerable members of our society,” said NHCSL President and Pennsylvania State Representative Ángel Cruz.

Former NHCSL President, Senator Iris Martínez (IL), stated that: “We are especially concerned that reinstating the Secure Communities Program and withholding federal funding from sanctuary cities, like Chicago, could provoke an increase in crime. The relationship between law enforcement and immigrant communities is crucial to keeping our neighborhoods safe and should not be broken. The order would also jeopardize national security by denying millions of dollars to police officers and other first responders who risk their lives day in and day out. The last thing we need is to deny them the necessary resources to do their jobs.”

Senator Richard Martínez (NM), NHCSL Immigration, Human and Civil Rights Task Force Chair, said that: “It is our duty to our constituents to raise our voices in warning about the dangers of these unconstitutional and un-American executive orders. We hope that the Administration can come to the table and work with us to craft policies that protect our communities without jeopardizing the rights of members of the Latino community who are here legally and whose contributions are essential to our success. The state and local government perspective needs to be taken into consideration in these and other executive actions and we want to play a constructive role in ensuring that the right balance is struck.”  

Kansas Representative Louis Ruiz added that: “We are pleased that the Secretary of Homeland Security decided to clarify that green card holders will not be subject to this order, and would appreciate further clarification in this matter from the Administration. Law-abiding legal permanent residents should not be the subject of arbitrary restrictions on their travel. We sincerely hope that the same sense of reason and sound policy prevails moving forward in these delicate matters that affect the lives of so many of our families.”

“NHCSL remains concerned with the policy of building an expensive wall in the southern border and the economic and diplomatic fallout that has resulted from the controversy over how to pay for the barrier. We should literally be building bridges instead of walls. That money should be used for our states to fund critical education, health and infrastructure initiatives for our citizens. Mexico will not pay for this wall, but neither should American taxpayers and consumers,” said Senator Catherine Miranda (AZ).

“NHCSL remains committed to working with the new Administration to provide our input before making public policy decisions that affect our community. As we expressed to the incoming transition team in our meeting after the election, we stand ready to collaborate on initiatives that will benefit Hispanics and all Americans and we look forward to continuing to share our perspective with Administration officials on these and other matters of national concern,” NHCSL Executive Director Kenneth Romero-Cruz concluded.


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