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JSM Scholarship

NHCSL Announces the John S. Martínez Scholarship Recipients 2016


Sophia Sinesio Helfand
Stanford University.

“I have worked as hard as I can to help people achieve what some are never given the opportunity to attempt.” – Sophia Helfand.


Aracely Fuentes Vega
Still in H.S. – Class of 2017.

"I don't only want to be a human BEING but also a human DOING. Volunteering…encourages me to continue serving my community." –Aracely Fuentes Vega"


Olivia Leyva
College of Arts and Sciences.

"Raking up the yards of the elderly, helping out with Special Olympics, [and] guiding the members of a youth girls' basketball team has given me a sense of accomplishment."

Puerto Rico

Araceliz Gomez
University of Connecticut.

"I will continue to better my education and learn new ways to apply Computer Science to public service…and create a better future through technology." – Araceliz Gomez


Austin Regalado
University of Chicago.

"Participating in in service projects has made me a leader and has proven my dedication to anything I believe in." – Austin Regalado

Puerto Rico

Sydney Millerd
University of Hawaii at Manoa

"Volunteering has molded my mind to become more thoughtful and compassionate" – Sydney Millerd



Felix Juan Galarza III

Felix Juan Galarza III NYU "I hope one day…I will be able to use my education and inner drive to positively influence the lives of people not just in my community or culture, but in the WORLD." – Felix J. Galarza III



Myrella Gonzalez
University of New Mexico

"The dedicated work of public servants has allowed individuals like my grandparents to have an 'American Dream'…[their] experiences have taught me that I do not walk in solitude as I pursue my American Dream." – Myrella Gonzalez

New York

Gustavo Adolfo Guevara
University of MD

"I have aided my community to the best of my abilities, whether it was to serve as an interpreter or translator or tutor of my fellow classmates…I am taking a role in a large movement that will motivate minority students around me." – Gustavo A. Guevara

New Mexico

Adrian J. Rivera
Yale University

Adrian J. Rivera Yale University "I simply want to contribute to the idea of doing right for more than myself, of leaving things better than when I first experienced them, and of helping those who are in need." – Adrian J. Rivera


Monserrat Garcia-Porras
Arizona State University

"To me public service is a mission. It is my mission to better the lives of millions of refugees and immigrants who are facing dangerous situations." – Monserrat Garcia-Porras