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November 17, 2010

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 Nelly Robles

Hispanic State Legislators Release Policy Framework For Addressing Obesity
‘Whitepaper identifies comprehensive, Community-Based Solutions to a National Health Crisis

WASHINGTON – The National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL) today released a whitepaper addressing the national crisis of Hispanic obesity. The paper identifies community-based and state policy options for addressing a health crisis that has reached emergency levels across the United States.

"Among so many policy challenges facing Latinos and America, obesity detracts from longevity, quality of life and productivity,” said Senator Iris Y. Martinez, NHCSL President. “ Our paper recommends strategies for fighting obesity comprehensively – in schools, community centers, and with opportunities to make interventions available through state programs."

The paper includes recommendations for states based on best practices explored during NHCSL’s first ever obesity summit, which occurred in Washington, DC earlier in 2010. “We developed our paper collaboratively – by spending a day with some of the leading voices in obesity, and learning new options from Texas, Mississippi, even internationally, said Senator Luz Acre Ferrer (PR) Chair of NHCSL’s health taskforce.

Hispanic Obesity An American Crisis Download


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