California State Legislature

Bill Title Apprenticeships: discrimination: prohibition.
Hispanic Sponsors CA Assemb. Wendy Carrillo (D-CA-051)
Date Introduced 02/13/2018
NHCSL Task Force
Labor and Workforce Development
Primary Issue Area Law
Issue Areas
Civil law
Session 2017-2018 Regular Session


Existing law provides for apprenticeship programs within the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (division) within the Department of Industrial Relations, sponsored by specific entities and employers, and requires the Chief of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards to perform various functions with respect to apprenticeship programs and the welfare of apprentices. Existing law also establishes the California Apprenticeship Council within the Division of Apprenticeship Standards, and requires the council to aid the director in formulating policies with respect to apprentice regulation. Existing law prohibits discrimination and harassment in employment and apprenticeship training programs based on certain factors, including race, religious creed, gender, or sex. This bill would expressly prohibit discrimination in any building and construction trades apprenticeship program on the basis of certain enumerated categories, including, race, sex, religious creed, or national origin, with regard to acceptance into, or participation in, the program, as specified. The bill, among other things, would require an apprenticeship program to designate one or more individuals to oversee the commitment to equal opportunity in the program and to maintain records regarding compliance with certain requirements, as specified. The bill would require the apprenticeship program to develop and implement procedures to ensure that its apprentices are not harassed or discriminated against. The bill would also require each apprenticeship program to include a specified equal opportunity pledge in its apprenticeship standards and other publications and would require a program to reach compliance with these provisions within a specified timeframe. The bill would authorize the council to issue rules and regulations as necessary to implement these provisions.