H.B. 1767

Pennsylvania General Assembly

Bill Title An Act Requiring the Testing of Members of the General Assembly for Illegal Drug Use and Providing for Removal From Office
Hispanic Sponsors PA Rep. Angel Cruz (D-PA-180)
Date Introduced 12/18/2015
NHCSL Task Force
Law and Criminal Justice
Primary Issue Area Crime and Law Enforcement
Issue Areas
Criminal justice
Drugs and medicines
Mental health
Session 2015-2016 Regular Session


Requiring the testing of members of the General Assembly forillegal drug use and providing for removal from office.


Official & Unofficial Title(s): GeneralAssembly Drug Testing Act Bill/Law #: PA H.B. 1767 NHCSL Committee: Law and Criminal Justice NHCSL Sponsor(s): Angel Cruz State/Territory: Pennsylvania Date: December 18, 2015 Summary: In this act members would be drug tested for illegal drugs within three months of taking office and then every subsequent term in office. The cost of the testing will be the sole responsibility of the member. If the test is positive, the member tampered with the test, or refuse to take the test they would be subject to investigation.