H.B. 43

Maryland General Assembly

Bill Title Criminal Law - Harassment - Revenge Porn
Hispanic Sponsors MD Former Del. Luiz Simmons (D-MD-17)
Date Introduced 10/29/2013
NHCSL Task Force
Broadband and Technology
Law and Criminal Justice
Primary Issue Area Law
Issue Areas
Civil law
Criminal justice
Session 2014 Regular Session


FOR the purpose of prohibiting a person from knowingly disclosing a certain image or recording of another person whose intimate parts are exposed or who is engaged in a certain act without the consent of the other person and with the intent to cause serious emotional distress intentionally causing serious emotional distress to another by intentionally placing on the Internet a certain reproduction of the image of the other person knowing that the other person did not consent to the placement of the image on the Internet under certain circumstances; providing that a certain interactive computer service is not liable under this Act for content provided by another person; establishing penalties for a violation of this Act; defining certain terms; establishing the scope of this Act; and generally relating to harassment. BY adding to Article Criminal Law Section Annotated Code of Maryland (2012 Replacement Volume and 2013 Supplement)


This piece of legislation classifies the posting of intimate images or videos of others without consent on the internet as a misdemeanor . It also assigns up to two (2) years of imprisonment for posting what is commonly known as "revenge porn" on the internet.