Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly

Bill Title Para incluir cursos de lenguaje de señas en el curriculo de las instituciones educativas publicas y privadas de Puerto Rico a nivel elemental, intermedio y superior; y para fomentar la integracion de este lenguaje en cursos regulares.
Hispanic Sponsors PR Rep. Juan Rodriguez (D-PR-003); PR Sen. Angel Pena Ramirez (D-PR); PR Sen. Jose Dalmau Santiago (R-PR-007); PR Sen. Jose Vargas Vidot (I-PR); PR Sen. Miguel Castillo (R-PR)
Date Introduced 08/03/2017
NHCSL Task Force
Primary Issue Area Sign Language Education
Issue Areas
Session 2017-2020 Session


An act to include the teaching of sign language as part of the state-approved public and private school curricula and to encourage the integration of sign language into the regular curriculum


Official & Unofficial Title(s): Bill to be entitled Bill/Law #: PR P.S. 606 NHCSL Committee: Education NHCSL Sponsor(s): Eduardo Bhatia State/Territory: Puerto Rico Date: August 10, 2017 Summary: In this proposed bill, both public and private educational institutions would need to implement a sign language course in order to raise awareness for those students who are deaf or hard of hearing and bridge the gap for all students.