Arizona State Legislature

Bill Title notaries; unlawful practices; immigration
Hispanic Sponsors AZ Whip Martin Quezada -- Minority Whip (D-AZ-029)
Date Introduced 01/30/2017
NHCSL Task Force
Primary Issue Area Crime and Law Enforcement
Issue Areas
Administrative law and government organization
Civil law
Criminal justice
Session 53rd Legislature - 1st Regular Session


SB1421 - 531R - House Bill Summary ARIZONA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES SB1421: notaries; unlawful practices; immigration PRIME SPONSOR: Senator Quezada, LD 29 BILL STATUS: Judiciary & Public Safety Abstract Relating to notaries public. Provisions 1. Prohibits a notary public who is not an attorney from receiving compensation for the unauthorized practice of immigration and nationality law. (Sec. 1) 2. Provides a civil penalty of up to $1,000 and permanent revocation of the notary public's commission for a violation. (Sec. 1) 3. Contains a legislative intent clause. (Sec. 2) 4. Makes a technical correction. (Sec. 1) Current Law A.R.S. Title 41, Chapter 2 defines notary public and outlines the duties and responsibilities of the position. A.R.S. SS 41-329 stipulates that every notary public who is not an attorney and advertises their services by any means in a language other than English must post a notice in both English and the other language that reads, "I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice about immigration or any other legal matters." Failure to do so constitutes a Class 6 felony (1 year/$150,000 + surcharges) and requires the revocation of the notary public's commission. A.R.S. SS 12-2703 states that it is unlawful to receive compensation for any service constituting the unauthorized practice of immigration and nationality law and makes a violation a Class 6 felony. ---------- DOCUMENT FOOTER --------- Fifty-third Legislature SB1421 First Regular Session Version 1: Judiciary& Public Safety ---------- DOCUMENT FOOTER ---------


Official & Unofficial Title(s): Notaries; Unlawful Practices; Immigration Bill/Law #: AZ S.B. 142 NHCSL Committee: Immigration, Human and Civil Rights NHCSL Sponsor(s):Martin Quezaba State/Territory: Arizona Date: January 31, 2017 Summary: In this bill notaries will need to explicitly announce that they are not attorneys and can not give immigration as well as other legal advice.