S.B. 17

Texas Legislature

Bill Title Relating to Maternal Health and Safety, Pregnancy-Related Deaths, and Maternal Morbidity, Including Postpartum Depression
Hispanic Sponsors TX Rep. Armando Walle (D-TX-140); TX Rep. Cindy Burkett (R-TX-113); TX Rep. Sarah Davis (R-TX-134); TX Rep. Shawn Thierry (D-TX-146); TX Rep. Stephanie Klick (R-TX-091); TX Sen. Jane Nelson (R-TX-012); TX Sen. Joan Huffman (R-TX-017); TX Sen. Lois Kolkhorst (R-TX-018)
Date Introduced 07/16/2017
NHCSL Task Force
Primary Issue Area Government Operations and Politics
Issue Areas
Administrative law and government organization
Session 85th Legislature, 1st Called Session (2017)


AN ACT relating to maternal health and safety, pregnancy-related deaths, and maternal morbidity, including postpartum depression.


This bill provides ways of studying and figuring out as to why so many mothers are dying during their pregnancies and post-partum in Texas. It also provides time frames to come up with a plan to tackle the issue. It is an issue that is affecing the nation as a whole, as it is currently the only developed country with rising maternal mortality rates. This piece of legislation can serve as a base for legislators in other states that prioritize this issue.