S.B. 2399

Illinois General Assembly

Bill Title Chicago Govt Vendor Diversity
Hispanic Sponsors IL Sen. Iris Martinez (D-IL-020)
Date Introduced 02/03/2016
NHCSL Task Force
Labor and Workforce Development
Primary Issue Area Government Operations and Politics
Issue Areas
Administrative law and government organization
Session 99th Regular Session (2015-2016)


Creates the chicago local government vendor diversity act. Creates the chicago local government vendor diversity task force to promote and encourage open access in the awarding of governmental contracts to businesses with diverse hiring practices. Sets forth the membership of the task force and the terms of office of its members. Provides that the department of central management services shall house, staff, and otherwise provide day-to-day support to the task force necessary to achieve the policy objectives and enforcement described in the act. Requires vendors who enter into a contracts with a governmental participant on or after january 1, 2017 to file certain reports with the department of central management services. Provides that each vendor that fails to file a report is ineligible to do any business with or provide any services to any governmental participant. Effective immediately.


Official & Unofficial Title(s): Chicago Govt Vendor Diversity Bill/Law #: - NHCSL Committee: - NHCSL Sponsor(s): - State/Territory: - Date: - Summary: The state of Illinois would compose a task force that would contract businesses that implement diverse hiring practices. In order to help diversify and encourage the hiring of minorities and women in business. Furthermore the state would create public policy that would promote and encourage the continuous economic development of businesses that hire minorities and women.