California State Legislature

Bill Title Professions and vocations: applications and renewals: individual tax identification number.
Hispanic Sponsors CA Sen. Holly Mitchell (D-CA-030); CA Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-CA-033)
Date Introduced 02/17/2017
NHCSL Task Force
Labor and Workforce Development
Primary Issue Area Crime and Law Enforcement
Issue Areas
Administrative law and government organization
Criminal justice
Federal and intergovernmental affairs
Session 2017-2018 Regular Session


Existing law requires the Commission on Teacher Credentialing to, among other duties, establish standards for the issuance and renewal of credentials, certificates, and permits. Existing law requires the commission to adopt regulations requiring every applicant for a credential, or for the renewal of a credential, to submit reasonable evidence of identification and good moral character. This bill would require the commission to authorize the use of an individual tax identification number in lieu of a social security number for purposes of applying for a credential, or the renewal of a credential, when an applicant cannot provide his or her social security number.