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NHCSL is the preeminent organization serving and representing the interests of Hispanic state legislators from all states, commonwealths, and territories of the United States. Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for joint action on issues of common concern to all segments of the Hispanic community; a forum for information exchange and member networking; an institute for leadership training; a liaison with sister U.S. NHCSL - National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators http://nhcsl.org/img/layout/logo.png US United States Washington 20001 444 North Capitol Street, NW, Suite 40

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Sponsorship Opportunities for Programs & Initiatives

  • Policy Conferences & Programs
    Since its inception, NHCSL has strived to help legislators with access to the best and most up to date information on complicated policy issues.  With your help and interest, we will continue that tradition.  Some of the policy conferences and programs that have been held by NHCL include:

    • Racial Equality Project
      This is an ongoing multi-million dollar program funded by the Kellogg Foundation whereby the four minority legislator caucuses – Asian, Native American, Hispanic, and African American work to build relationships among the legislator caucuses and their members towards the goal of collaborating on issues that impact communities of color. The main objective of this program is to reduce racism and improve the lives of our youth by combating policies that can increase disparities in education, health, and economic stability in the family.

    • Closing the Achievement Gaps
      NHCSL and NBCSL collaborated on a joint initiative with the National Education Association on education reform that resulted in a report.

    • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
      This is an ongoing annual health care policy conference of NHCSL and NBCSL.  It has been ongoing for 7 years and has been sponsored by Novartis.

    • Health Disparities Conference
      This was the predecessor to the PHL Conference and was sponsored by AstraZeneca from 2003-2008.            

    • Healthy States Initiatives
      This was a long running policy education and coordination initiative between NHCSL, NBCSL, and Council of State Governments based on a grant from the Centers for Disease Control.

  • John S. Martinez Memorial Scholarship Program
    This scholarship initiative is part of NHCSL’s John S. Martinez Scholarship fund, which is designed to close the educational achievement gap of our future Hispanic leaders. Every year NHCSL selects a number of talented Hispanic college bound high schools students and provides them with scholarships to assist with college tuition.  This year NHCSL tripled the number of students that will be eligible for the scholarship and expanded the applicant pool to students nationwide. Comcast has generously funded the John S. Martinez Memorial Scholarship program, and we continue to seek other generous donors interested in helping with “Closing the Gaps Education Initiative”.

  • NHCSL Executive Committee Meetings
    NHCSL’s Executive Committee meets twice per year, traditionally in April and July.  These meetings also include the Chairs and Vice Chairs of our policy working groups, and all members of the organization’s Policy Committee.  These meetings are a great opportunity to educate a select group of Hispanic state legislators from throughout the country.   These events can be hosted at a corporate facility and we entertain other sponsorship options such as presentations, issue discussions, and more.  Sponsorship opportunities for the event range from $5,000 to $50,000 for educational meal events or $1,000 to $10,000 for a reception. 

  • NHCSL Policy Briefing Events, Calls, and Webinars
    Legislators deal with an ever-expanding list of complex policy questions. As a result, we seek to present member lawmakers with background information on these issues through briefing events, calls and webinars.   These briefing opportunities allow sponsor branding and in some cases, speaking opportunities.  Due to diversity of views within our membership, these events present a variety of outlooks.

  • Virtual Legislative Resource Center
    NHCSL is seeking to create a legislator and legislative staff-only website to track legislation, create customized emails, issue reports (single or multiple state) and bill comparisons, provide available tool-kits on perennial issues, promote model legislation, offer policy briefs, and more.  Unique sponsorship opportunities are available with benefits that include branding and messaging opportunities in general portions of the site or areas dedicated to specific issue areas, and collaboration on creation of materials available to legislators through the site. 

  • Newsletter Magazine
    NHCSL is currently redesigning its monthly E-Newsletter and Quarterly Newsletter Magazine.  These publications offer a great branding and messaging opportunity to Hispanic state legislators.  Sponsorships of the E-Newsletter are $2,500 per distribution, and allow for strategic placement of a company logo and messaging, with certain restrictions and subject to NHCSL pre-approval.  Opportunities exist for sponsorships of the Quarterly Newsletter that include everything from branding to collaborative content development.  
  • Hispanic Legislator Directory
    NHCSL is currently redesigning the Hispanic Legislator Directory into a dynamic website designed for easy access from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.  The redesigned directory will offer richer content on the legislator and web-tools such as embeddable widgets for public and legislator use.  Sponsorship opportunities exist for strategic placement of a company logo and messaging, with certain restrictions and subject to NHCSL pre-approval, in a number of unique ways – tailored to particular states, based on searches for specific topics/bills, and on embeddable widgets.  Some technology limitations apply.  Sponsor is responsible for any costs associated with coding and/or design above a certain threshold. 

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