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NHCSL - Director of Communications

The National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL) is the preeminent organization serving and representing the interests of Hispanic state legislators from all states, commonwealths, and territories of the United States. Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for joint action on issues of common concern to all segments of the Hispanic community; a forum for information exchange and member networking; an institute for leadership training; a liaison with sister U.S. Hispanic organizations throughout the country; and a promoter of public/private partnerships with business and labor. NHCSL is affiliated to The Council of State Governments (CSG).

Job Summary

The NHCSL Director of Communications position is responsible for creating and executing all communications, including social media and public relations. The Director will achieve coverage of NHCSL in national, state and Hispanic media (including producing TV content, arranging interviews, and drafting press releases and talking points), as well as create and execute print media content (including magazine articles, essays, op-eds and research briefs) and digital media content (social media, video and web-based content). This position also serves as editor-in-chief and regular contributor to NHCSL’s newsletters as well as principal editor of NHCSL’s website and event materials.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Participate in strategic visioning of institutional direction with Executive Director, helping position NHCSL as a reputable think-tank and the “go to” resource for Hispanic public policy issues.
  • Work with the Executive Director to determine and develop NHCSL’s communications strategy, implement communications plan and develop/manage communications calendar.
  • Lead NHCSL content development –including messaging, writing, editing-- as well as social media, press relations, graphic and web design.
  • Lead interaction with media outlets, including answering press calls, and act as an NHCSL spokesperson and event MC, as required.
  • Drive coverage of NHCSL meetings, events, advocacy work, and press releases; seek and facilitate strategic press and communications opportunities and placements for NHCSL materials, staff, and officers.
  • Produce potential TV/TV-style and radio/podcast programming for diverse platforms that will serve to showcase NHCSL’s work, as well as our member’s work, and educate the public at-large about issues impacting the Hispanic community, while helping build stronger relations with Members of Congress, public officials, Hispanic organizations and external stakeholders.
  • Direct and coordinate all NHCSL communications, working with the Director of Legislation, Policy and Advocacy so that it accurately reflects NHCSL’s policy and advocacy work.
  • Develop marketing strategies and communications activities for major events and membership initiatives, working with the Director of Meetings and Membership Services.
  • Develop new products and creative methods, working with the Development Lead, that will increase revenue generation and foster strong relationships (cultivation and retention) with our Business Board of Advisors, sponsors, and external stakeholders.
  • Manage NHCSL’s social media in multiple outlets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and work with members so that NHCSL social media and communications content reflects their work; ensure that NHCSL social media accounts are followed by members and other stakeholders. 
  • Serve as editor-in-chief and content provider for NHCSL’s newsletter and all other NHCSL products.
  • Prepare materials including articles, reports, op-eds, press releases, talking points, speeches, and other remarks for key NHCSL staff and officers.
  • Design and execute diverse media campaigns that create and strengthen NHCSL brand awareness and reputation.
  • Produce and edit original videos; take and edit newsworthy photos.
  • Conduct interviews involving members, associates, policy experts and/or staff.

Other Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement methods and procedures, as well as provide staff support, for monitoring issues’ developments, partnerships, and strategic initiatives.
  • Gather content and interviews at a moment’s notice, with public officials, experts and community leaders for a solid and timely delivery of internal/external communications.
  • Develop appropriate standards to ensure quality, consistency, and integrity in all NHCSL communications and strategic deliverables.
  • Ensure NHCSL publications and products meet or exceed professional grammar, style and quality standards, following best practices from leading think tanks and public relations professionals, as applicable. 
  • Maintain an entrepreneurial culture within the NHCSL in order to facilitate the creation of external partnerships and funding opportunities (development) to advance NHCSL’s goals.
  • Oversee and/or participate in NHCSL and affiliate meetings and programs as necessary.
  • Interact with news organizations, reporters and media outlets in carrying out communications work.
  • Conduct outreach to state officials, as well as members of Congress and the White House Administration.
  • Provide staff support for presentations to policymakers, other national organizations, or other forums.
  • Develop communications tools that will help provide timely information to members, such as online webinars, state visits or through other forums.
  • Support the planning, organization, and execution of meetings which may include arranging for speakers, identifying topics, supporting logistical planning, and preparing information.
  • Oversee the work of interns and fellows doing communications work.

Skills & Abilities

  • Strong skills in both English and Spanish languages, including solid grammatical, editing and writing skills.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the Hispanic and immigrant communities.
  • Working knowledge of state government and public policy issues.
  • Ability to advocate in Congress and the Federal Executive on behalf of the organization and members. 
  • Strong drive to become knowledgeable in a broad array of policy fields to effectively communicate about them. 
  • Ability to analyze news developments, summarize them for members and recommend communications strategy on them. 
  • Strong research skills, including internet research and personal interviews.
  • Strong understanding of the tools of advocacy and political communications.
  • Strong story-telling skills in both written and multimedia formats. 
  • Ability to conduct interviews in written and multimedia formats, in both English and Spanish. 
  • Capacity to carry out routine tasks with minimum supervision. 
  • Skilled at handling simultaneous, multiple projects; work flexibly in a team environment and communicate with members of the public in a professional manner.
  • Knowledge of and ability to produce materials following evolving industry standards and guidelines.

Experience Requirements

  • At least five (5) years in communications field, including:
    • Three (3) years as a journalist/reporter
    • Significant experience as an anchor/host/spokesperson
  • At least two (2) years of relevant work experience in state government, politics, political communications, government affairs or with a public policy organization.
  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge of general policy issues.

Education Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, Public Relations, or related field. 

Physical Requirements Essential To Perform The Duties Of The Job

  • Frequently communicates with customers, co-workers, and visitors in person, on the telephone, and on the computer.
  • Frequently answers telephone and directs incoming calls.
  • Occasionally lifts objects weight up to twenty-five (25) pounds when moving office supplies. 
  • Some lifting, moving and physical labor required during offsite meetings.
  • Some longs days standing/walking during offsite meetings.  
  • Frequently remains in a sitting position.
  • Frequently uses the computer with fingers and hands when typing.
  • Frequently works in a well-lit, tempered room.


  • Health insurance coverage, including dental and vision;
  • Paid personal time and paid sick leave;
  • Other benefits.

Interested applicants must complete the online application and include resume, cover letter, and portfolio.

NHCSL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Interested applicants must complete the online application through CSG’s applicant portal:

CSG is an Equal Opportunity Employer (Minorities/Females/Veterans/Disabled)