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Banking, Affordable Housing and Credit

The Banking, Affordable Housing and Credit Task Force covers all issues related to banking and credit including access to credit for individuals and small businesses, credit reports, financial literacy and banking regulation, and payday and small-dollar loans. Also covers all issues related to housing including affordable housing, preserving homeownership, rent control, renting vs. buying, public housing, foreclosures. Finally covers all issues related to consumer protection.

Task Force Leadership 2020-2021

Special 2020-21 Priorities of the Banking, Affordable Housing and Credit Task Force:

  1. Credit rating methodology
  2. Latino access to capital: Discriminatory lending, Latino entrepreneurship
  3. Rent control and other affordable renting policies
  4. Undocumented/short credit history alternatives
  5. Particularly how to help people with short credit histories and undocumented immigrants access the benefits of large financial institutions, protecting from predatory lending
  6. Protection of employee from discharge on wage garnishment cases
  7. Follow-up on CFPB Resolution

Recent Resolutions


Encouraging Electronic Payments for the Unbanked


Regarding Free Online Tax Preparation and Electronic Filing


Improving Access to Rural Affordable Housing


Promoting Job Security Under the Consumer Credit Protection Act


Preservation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Under the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Act as a Means of Financial Security for the Hispanic Community


Support the Under-Banked with Bridge Financing Options


Promoting Affordable Housing and Hispanic Home Ownership


Promoting Safe and Affordable Lending Practices


Encouraging Government Use of Prepaid Cards


Resolution on Financial Literacy and Empowerment