H.B. 412

Utah State Legislature

Bill Title Inmate Education Amendments
Hispanic Sponsors UT Rep. Mark Wheatley (D-UT-035)
Date Introduced 02/20/2017
NHCSL Task Force
Law and Criminal Justice
Primary Issue Area Government Operations and Politics
Issue Areas
Administrative law and government organization
Session 2017 Regular Session


Official & Unofficial Title(s): - Inmate Education Amendments Bill/Law #: - HB 412 NHCSL Committee(s): - Law and Criminal Justice NHCSL Sponsor(s): - Marck Archuleta Wheatley State/Territory: - Utah Date: - Introduced in House on February 21, 2017 Summary: - This bill provides that the University of Utah Department of Sociology establish a pilot study program to provide women's health education classes on site for women incarcerated in state correctional facilities. This would provide women the option to educate themselves, some did not completed high school, ready themselves for when they re-enter society, help them find a job after they complete their sentence, provide a healthy hobby for the inmates. At the same time, it lets the University of Utah to conduct this pilot program and better understand the psychological and pedagogical elements that factor in. Pertinent Information: -