H.B. 449

Utah State Legislature

Bill Title Inmate Education Amendments
Hispanic Sponsors UT Rep. Mark Wheatley (D-UT-035)
Date Introduced 02/25/2016
NHCSL Task Force
Law and Criminal Justice
Primary Issue Area Health
Issue Areas
Administrative law and government organization
Women and gender equality issues
Session 2016 General Session


General Description: This bill modifies the Utah Health Code regarding women's health education. Highlighted Provisions: This bill: < provides that the Department of Health establish a program to provide women's health education classes on site for women incarcerated in state and county correctional facilities; < requires that the Department of Corrections and the sheriffs of the county jails provide necessary space and equipment for the classes; < requires that the Department of Health seek funding for the program from the private sector and governmental agencies; and < requires that the Department of Health in conjunction with the University of Utah Department of Sociology establish a committee to determine the resources and procedures needed to assess the outcomes regarding women who participated in the classes. Money Appropriated in this Bill: None Other Special Clauses: None Utah Code Sections Affected: ENACTS: 26-7-201, Utah Code Annotated 26-7-202, Utah Code Annotated 26-7-203, Utah Code Annotated 26-7-204, Utah Code Annotated 26-7-205, Utah Code Annotated 26-7-206, Utah Code Annotated


Official & Unofficial Title(s): Inmate Education Amendments Bill/Law #: UT H.B. 499 NHCSL Committee: NHCSL Sponsor(s): Mark Wheatley State/Territory: Utah Date: March 10, 2016 Summary: In this program, the Incarcerated Women Health Program would offer classes at the state and county correctional facilities. These classes would raise awareness to women's reproductive health including reproductive planning, contraceptives, disease treatment and prevention.