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Sep 15, 2023

NHCSL Honors Trailblazers and Cultural Institutions for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate and recognize how, with all the different ethnicities, cultural nuances, and historical backgrounds, Hispanics in the United States have built vibrant, multicultural, supportive, and vital communities across the country. Hispanics contribute daily to our Nation’s progress, growth, development, and in keeping America accountable on its promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is a special time of the year for everyone because it allows us to pause and celebrate who we are, the trailblazers that opened the door for us to be where we are, and to elevate those who are building pathways for a better tomorrow. It’s a chance to celebrate, despite all the work ahead, all we have accomplished thus far”, stated Kenneth Romero, Executive Director of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators.

NHCSL’s Hispanic Heritage Month campaign will honor icons and trailblazers, some of them overlooked, that represent victories over efforts to undermine our rights and our rich heritage, such as: protecting books from being banned, especially those discussing race; protecting access to gender affirming care, abortion, and reproductive health at large; defending cultural representation and recognition; and delivering restorative justice; among others.

We will also shed light on institutions across the country that are making important efforts to showcase, research and preserve our culture and history.

The nature of NHCSL’s work, representing almost 450 state legislators across the country, focuses on the opportunities our communities have through the advancement of public policies that take into consideration the particular needs of the people they represent. We are proud to celebrate the progress we have been able to achieve and renew our commitment to advancing a better quality of life in education, housing, health care, economic development and justice for Hispanics nationwide.

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