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Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero

Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero (NM)

Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero (NM)

Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero (NM-13) is the Treasurer of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators.

Rep. Roybal Caballero has served in the New Mexico State Legislature since 2013. She was raised in El Paso, Texas, a border, bi-national regional hub of over 80% Mexican American/Mexicano/Latino populations.

For over 50 years, she has committed and fought hard to ensure equal and fair access in opportunities to improve the socioeconomic advances and political representation of Hispanics in the United States.

In the New Mexico State Legislature, Rep. Roybal Caballero has served as House Democratic Caucus Chair (2014-2016), Vice Chair of the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee (2013-2018), Vice Chair of the House Labor, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee, Chair of the Behavioral Health Interim Committee and Vice Chair of the Investments & Pensions Oversight Committee.

Rep. Roybal Caballero previously served as National Treasurer of LULAC (2015-2018), the oldest Latino civil rights organization in the U.S., founded in 1929.

In her professional career she is a Certified Community Economic, Housing and Business Developer; a community and labor organizer; and a CEO and CFO.

She has a Masters of Public Administration and Masters in Community and Regional Planning from the University of New Mexico and a BA from the University of Colorado/Boulder. She is a current Ph.D candidate in Chicana and Chicano Studies at the University of New Mexico.