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2009 Health Care Reform

Gutiérrez (MD); Arce-Ferrer (PR); Ruiz (KS); et. al.

WHEREAS, Health care reform is necessary for all Americans, the island of Puerto Rico, the
Virgin Islands, and Guam.

WHEREAS, Federal and state governments need health care reform in order to manage
skyrocketing health costs that strain budgets and endanger fiscal solvency;

WHEREAS, Over 20 million American children and family members are uninsured and an even
greater number are underinsured, with insurance that does not cover preexisting conditions and
maladies; the health insurance system is not functioning to protect all who need care;

WHEREAS, Health care reform must include all Americans, including undocumented
immigrants and families of mixed immigration status in a viable option to purchase insurance on
the free market;

WHEREAS, Mixed-immigration status families must be included in coverage so that Americanborn
children and their families are not left without insurance;

WHEREAS, All Americans and residents of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam, including
undocumented immigrants, mixed-immigration status families and those with temporary immigration status must be covered by a system of health insurance that saves money overall
by lowering expensive emergency room care;

WHEREAS, health insurance reform passed by Congress should not preempt states from
enacting cost-effective programs and insurance options that cover families and children;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that Congress should enact meaningful health reform in line with these principals such that all may be healthier and overall health costs shall not be a danger to our states and federal fiscal solvency;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be sent to the US Congress and to the President.

This resolution was adopted and ratified at the NHCSL 2009 annual meeting held in Santa Monica, California, November 21, 2009.