Building a Culture of Success

We work to support a culture where all individuals
thrive. Through internal programs that offer career
development, mentoring, and external programs with
suppliers, ad agencies, and law firms, we are
committed to creating a diverse and inclusive culture
and building the leaders of tomorrow. This
commitment runs through all levels of our business.


42% of our U.S workforce are racially/ ethnically diverse.

19% - African-American
11% - Hispanic
9% - Asian/Pacific Islanders
3% - Other

34% of our U.S. workforce are women.

Supplier Diversity

In 2019, we spent more than $5.8 billion in goods
and services with diverse suppliers including
businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans,
LGBT individuals and people with disabilities. This
brings our total spend to nearly $50 billion over the
past 10 years.


Inclusion in Advertising: AdFellows Verizon
created a unique fellowship program, in partnership
with advertising and marketing agencies, to improve
diversity and inclusion in these industries.
•       Participants rotate across positions, including
PR, creative, media, and brand marketing, at Verizon
and other companies.
•       The paid fellowship is an eight-month
immersion program that gives AdFellows the
opportunity to explore career tracks, gain real-world
experience, and network with industry leaders.
Inclusion in Law: Engage Excellence Verizon and
participating companies encourage law firms they
work with to provide diverse lawyers with meaningful
opportunities, including lead counsel.

Board of Directors & Leadership

5 of 10 members are women or racially/ethnically
diverse. Our Board is one of the most diverse
corporate boards among Fortune 100 companies. Of
the 10 members, 3 are women and 4 are racially/
ethnically diverse.

35% of our U.S. senior leaders are women.
31% of our U.S. senior leaders are racially/ ethnically diverse.