• To improve the effectiveness of Hispanic legislators to positively impact public policy and the quality of life for all segments of the Hispanic Community.
  • To inform and educate legislators, the government and the public on topics and issues affecting the Hispanic Community, including, but not limited to educational programs and initiatives, conferences, workshops, symposia, newsletters, research studies and personal contacts.
  • To propose legislation and administrative actions to reduce and eliminate obstacles to the achievement of a better quality of life and advancements in education, health care, housing, economic development and reciprocity, criminal justice and employment and job training for the Hispanic Community.
  • To advocate for the appointment of Hispanics to positions of influence in all levels and branches of government which will positively impact public policy for Hispanics.
  • To advocate for the hiring and promotion of Hispanics to positions of influence in the private sector.
  • To inform, educate and promote the active participation of Hispanics in the political and electoral process within their communities and the promotion of their diverse and rich cultures, heritages and languages.
  • To work toward the achievement of the above goals through NHCSL initiatives and in cooperation with participating and supportive corporations and businesses, governmental agencies, labor and civic organizations, and associations, individuals and other active entities.