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Broadband and Technology

The Broadband and Technology Task Force covers all issues relating to broadband, telecommunications and technology including broadband deployment, wireless, 5G, net neutrality, smart cities, online privacy, expanded internet access and speed, promoting diversity and tolerance in media, and regulation of internet service providers, cable and satellite companies.

Task Force Leadership 2020-2021

Special 2020-21 Priorities of the Broadband and Technology Task Force:

  1. Online privacy
  2. Rural and midsize city broadband deployment, including rights of way
  3. Small cell deployment
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Affordable internet access

Recent Resolutions


Call to Expand Broadband Internet Access into Rural Areas


Protecting Our Privacy in the Always-on Internet and Smart Communities Era


Encouraging Grid Modernization


Supporting the "#AUTOERASE" Initiative to Erase Wrongful Arrest Records for Mistaken Identity or Identity Theft


Increase Usage for Mobile Technology Will Require Additional Spectrum Deployment


Supporting the Development of a Balanced National Spectrum Policy that Includes Unlicensed Access in the 5GHz Band to Meet the Increased Demand for Wireless Technologies


Establishing a National Framework to Foster the Nationwide Transition of TDM to IP


In Support of the National Wireless Initiative to Provide High-Speed Mobile Wireless to at Least 98 Percent of Americans, Including Latinos


To Ensure that Puerto Rico Receives Sufficient Universal Service Support for Broadband Deployment


Calling on Congress to Pass Legislation That Will Create a Uniform National Framework on Digital Commerce, Which will Protect Consumers from Multiple and Discriminatory Taxes and Provide Certainty and Uniformity for State and Local Governments