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Government, Social Justice and Taxation

NHCSL’s newest task force, the Government, Social Justice and Taxation Task Force covers all issues related to good governance, separation of powers, federalism, budgeting, the deficit, administrative law, taxation, inequality, the social safety net, family law,  elderly-support policies, and child welfare.

Task Force Leadership 2020-2021

Task Force Priorities

  1. The Task Force will have its inaugural meeting soon to set priorities.

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Adjust federal relief or assistance to account for disproportionate burdens on the urban poor and other high-cost area dwellers


Call for States to Apply the Revised Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children


Supporting safeguarded automatic carry-overs to prevent Federal government shutdowns


Regarding Free Online Tax Preparation and Electronic Filing


Interstate Sharing of Putative Father Registry Information


Resolution in Support of Initiatives to Help Puerto Rico with its Economic and Fiscal Crisis


Convention on the Rights of the Child