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Veterans and Military Affairs

The Veterans and Military Affairs Task Force covers all issues related to veterans including integration to the workforce; homelessness; veterans’ benefits; veterans’ health in general; equal educational opportunities for veterans; aid of any kind to families of veterans in general, of wounded veterans in particular, or of soldiers killed in action; also covers issues related to soldiers currently serving on active duty abroad and their families back home. Shares issues such as immigrant veteran citizenship and residence with the Immigration Task Force.

Task Force Leadership 2024-2025

Task Force Priorities

  1. Workforce Integration
  2. Veterans Benefits
  3. Veterans Health
  4. Educational Opportunities
  5. Veteran Homelessness

Recent Resolutions


Support and Improve Required Transition Counseling for Service Members of Color


Celebrating Fort Cavazos, Calling for the Appointment of a Representative Number of Hispanics to Flag Officer Positions and for the Confirmation of General Martínez-López to Assistant Secretary of Defense


Providing Medical Treatment and Other Benefits for Deported Veterans of the United States Armed Forces


Comprehensive Economic Reforms for Military Families


Ending Veteran Homelessness