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Energy, Infrastructure and Environment

The Energy, Infrastructure and Environment Task Force covers all issues related to energy and/or environment such as impact of pollution and toxic exposure on the Latino community, climate change, renewable energy, energy independence, regulation of power companies, the power grid, resilient infrastructure, net metering, highways and transportation, regulation of cars and vehicle emissions, water quality, air quality, protection of natural resources, state parks or forests, regulation of factory emissions, reforestation, land preservation or restoration, protection of rivers, coastlines and other waterways, recycling, and waste disposal.

Task Force Leadership 2024-2025

Task Force Priorities

It covers all issues related to:

  • Climate Change
  • Grid Modernization
  • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Recent Resolutions


Support for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund


Supporting the Creation of a National Infrastructure Bank


Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption Across America


Call for Research Funding to Investigate and Prevent High Air Pollution Days in Cities


Equitable and Just Policies to Address Climate Change


Improving Pollinator Health by Decreasing Exposure to Neonicotinoids and Adopting Improved Management Practices


Grid Mod Storage


Reducing the Deleterious Effects of Pesticide Exposure on Agricultural Workers and Communities


Calling on All State Governments to Support a Policy Framework that Accelerates the Deployment, Infrastructure and Production of Nuclear and Renewable Energy in the United States


Supporting the Adequate Funding of the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)