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'Still a man's domain': Latinas face hurdles in politics despite making strides

Stephen A. Nuño

NBC News

Mar 16, 2018

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – From the news media and Hollywood to the halls of Congress, the explosion of attention to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement makes up the backdrop for a record number of women running for political office. But while Hispanic women, in particular, have made significant ground winning seats for political office, Latinas confront a layered set of ethnic and gendered advantages and disadvantages both outside and within their community.

Elizabeth Guzmán and Hala Ayala made history in Virginia last November, becoming the first Hispanic women elected to the state's House of Delegates. Both Latinas not only defeated incumbents in their districts, but they each flipped their seats from the Republican Party to the Democrats.

NBC News reported that Sylvia Garcia, a Texas state senator and Veronica Escobar, a former county judge in El Paso, Texas, recently won their House primaries in heavily Democratic and Latino districts, making their election this coming November almost a certainty.