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Ways to Support

Since 1989, NHCSL has strived to help legislators access the best and most up-to-date information on complicated policy issues. With your help and interest, NHCSL will continue that tradition. Some of the educational and policy programs you can get involved with are:

NHCSL success and the success of its educational and policy programs at the local and national levels depend on the contributions of partners that have a shared vision and mission to strengthening the voice of Hispanic communities in the U.S. With your investment, NHCSL can:


Where do your contributions help?

  • Creates forums to educate legislators, the government, and the public on topics and issues affecting the Hispanic Community
  • Advocates for diversity and inclusion in the public and private sector, which will positively impact public policy for Hispanics
  • Enhance our digital platform and Legislative Exchange Forum to make it even more effective in connecting policy leaders with past and current resolutions
  • Strengthen our policy research and solutions-- having the most up-to-date and reliable information about policy issues and advocacy efforts

NHCSL offers companies and organizations interested in demonstrating the commitment to advance policy in an impactful way, not only in issues such as Immigration and Voting Rights but also in Economic Development, Health, Education, Technology, Environment, Social and Criminal Justice and more. Sponsorship opportunities are provided on various platforms to enhance donors’ corporate social responsibility, commitment to policy advancement, advocacy, diversity, and education. NHCSL also partners with other Latino organizations such as NALEO, NHLA, Latino Justice, and Hispanic Federation on specific initiatives that help the local communities.

Who benefits from NHCSL?

NHCSL’s think tank services and policy-driven programs benefit over 400 state legislators, students, local and mainstream organizations, corporate and non-profit representatives, and policy experts year-round.

To demonstrate your commitment and collaborate with us on tailoring a Return on Investment (ROI) focused partnership, please contact Gretchen Class-Diaz at development@nhcsl.org.

All contributions are tax-deductible and directly support NHCSL’s mission of strengthening the voice of Hispanic America.