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Latino Voting and Elections

The Latino Voting and Elections Task Force covers all issues relating to Latino voting and elections such as redistricting, gerrymandering, Census issues, voter I.D., access to polling places, mail voting, electronic voting, Hispanic voter participation, civic engagement, promotion of Hispanics to run for office. Shares issues such as citizenship, voting applications, reducing processing times and fees for naturalizations, and the Voting Rights Act with the Immigration, Human and Civil Rights Task Force.

Task Force Leadership 2022-2023

Special 2018-19 Priorities of the Latino Voting and Elections Task Force:

Ensuring the Census works for all Americans

  1. Getting Hispanics to participate
  2. Encourage oversight of state Complete Count Committees
  3. Demand that the questionnaire be fair and scientifically valid

Redistricting, including redistricting commissions

Getting out the Vote

  1. Allowing and encouraging 17 y/o to register, including high school registrationsty
  2. Bill allowing voters to go into the new voting place after they move and re-register there
  3. Counting provisional ballots
  4. Making Election Day a holiday, using schools as polling places
  5. Early voting days (at least 4 days)
  6. Improving ballot design

Recent Resolutions


Rejecting the Presidential Memorandum which Attempts to Delete Certain Immigrants from the Decennial Congressional Apportionment


Calling for Well-Designed Standardized Nationwide Ballot Standards


Supporting safeguarded automatic carry-overs to prevent Federal government shutdowns


Expanding Voting Opportunities for All Americans


EMERGENCY RESOLUTION: Rejecting the Proposed Citizenship Question on the 2020 Decennial Census


Ensuring the Census Works for All Americans


Implementing Opt-Out Automatic Voter Registration Across the United States


In Support of Passage of A5760 to Address Hispanics’ Political Rights


National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators Supports a Resolution on the Inclusion of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the other U.S. territories in all the Surveys Performed in the Fifty States by the U.S. Census Bureau