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Law and Criminal Justice

The Law and Criminal Justice Task Force covers all issues related to law enforcement and criminal justice such as criminal justice reform, mass incarceration, juvenile justice system reform, racial or ethnic profiling, unequal prosecution of minorities, drug decriminalization or legalization, police procedures, community security, and sentencing. Has primary jurisdiction over issues such as gun policy, mass incarceration, racial and ethnic profiling, police brutality, and unequal prosecution of minorities which may be shared with the Human and Civil Rights Task Force. Has primary jurisdiction over marijuana legalization or decriminalization which may be shared with the Healthcare Task Force.

Task Force Leadership



Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk (MD)


Representative Kerry Tipper (CO)

Special 2018-19 Priorities of the Law and Criminal Justice Task Force:

  1. Pass a Resolution on Cannabis Policy Reform
  2. Pass a Resolution on Gun Policy Reform
  3. Engage in a broader look into Criminal Justice Reform including evaluating policies like:
  4. Increasing access to treatment for those affected by the substance abuse epidemic
  5. Expanding diversion programs, especially for veterans and individuals with mental illnesses
  6. Creating a path for the expungement of juvenile records, so young people get a second chance
  7. Eliminating some mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent and low-level drug offensives
  8. Amending the opioid trafficking laws to hold accountable those who are looking to profit off the ongoing epidemic
  9. Ban the Box and other prison to work policies, including expungement
  10. Reevaluating private prisons
  11. Justice reinvestments
  12. Reevaluating mandatory minimums

Recent Resolutions


Common Sense Gun Safety to Prevent Terrorism and School Massacres


Providing a Legal Framework when Jurisdictions Decide to Decriminalize, Commercialize and Tax Cannabis


Resolution Against Abuse and Sexual Aggression