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Encouraging Carriage of HITN Educational Television Network Resolution

Senator Leticia Van de Putt (TX) NHCSL President

Whereas, the Hispanic Information Telecommunications Network (HITN) was created in 1987 as the first Hispanic public television network in the United States;

Whereas, HITN-TV is a non-profit, public interest television network dedicated to the education, empowerment and enrichment of the Hispanic Community;

Whereas, media concentration continues to affect the diversity of voices available on television;

Whereas, Spanish language news, information, cultural events and educational programs are not widely available on traditional media;

Whereas, Spanish speaking households deserve full access to family-friendly Spanish Language educational programming;

Whereas, Spanish speaking populations are growing across the United States;

Therefore be it resolved, that the National Caucus of Hispanic State Legislators, supports efforts to encourage the nation’s cable and satellite television service providers to include HITN, the nation’s only non-profit, educational public interest television network in their basic service offerings and encourages Hispanic organizations as well as private and public entities to support and utilize HITN as a means to better communicate with Hispanic Americans.

Adopted this 18th day of March 2004 at the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators’ Executive Committee Meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia

Senator Leticia Van de Putte, TX
NHCSL President