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John S. Martinez Scholarship Application Form

Please complete the following. Application deadline is JULY 22, 2019.

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Your Nominator

You will need to submit the following documents to complete your application. Please format your documents as Word files (.doc) or PDF files (.pdf)

Current High School Transcript

Your resume (please include honors/distinctions, community involvement and projects)

Two (2) Letters of recommendation (principal, teacher, school counselor, Hispanic state legislator, community leader, supervisor), please include pertinent details regarding student's hardships and environment.

A written Personal Statement (500 words) answering one of the five questions below.

1. How has overcoming life's adversities helped you to pursue your goals and ambitions; and how have you utilized your weaknesses to accomplish them?
2. If you could implement one piece of legislation in your local community what would it be and why?
3. What does public service mean to you?
4. How has the Hispanic culture influenced the person you are today?
5. How has your environment shaped the leader in you and how do you plan on continuing to grow within your community and university?

* Required information