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Human and Civil Rights

The Human and Civil Rights Task Force covers all issues related to Human and Civil Rights such as LGBTQ rights/equality, women’s rights, privacy, free speech, freedom of religion. Shares issues such as mass incarceration, racial and ethnic profiling, police brutality, and unequal prosecution of minorities with the Law and Criminal Justice Task Force. Shares issues such as citizenship, voting applications, reducing processing times and fees for naturalizations, and the Voting Rights Act with the Latino Voting and Elections Task Force. Shares issues such as children's rights with the Government, Social Justice and Taxation Task Force.

Task Force Leadership 2024-2025

Priorities of the Human and Civil Rights Task Force:

It covers all issues related to:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Helping protect LGBTQ individuals from recent attacks from the Administration
  • Homelessness
  • Women’s Rights
  • Have an LGBTQ session in an Annual Summit

Recent Resolutions


Defending the Right to Abortion and Equal Access to Reproductive Healthcare


Calling for Compensation to Victims of Forced Sterilization


Ban the Abusive and Unscientific Practice of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity Conversion Therapy


Solidarity with Cuban people demonstrating peacefully for fundamental freedoms


End State-Sponsored Violence Against Colombian Protestors and Help Colombia Strengthen its Civil Society and Safety Net


Declaring Institutional Racism a Public Health Crisis


Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment


Denouncing Human Trafficking Through Fraudulent Rehabilitation Programs


Calling for the Enactment of Protections Against LGBTQ Workplace and Service Discrimination


A Resolution of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators in Support of H.R. 1217 and S. 568 to Establish the Smithsonian American Latino Museum and Designate the Arts and Industries Building as Its Future Location in Washington, D.C.